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Vacant Staging Security

Photos on MLS and Security 

When Listing your home, are you ensuring that your photos are keeping your privacy secure?

Some rules of thumb include not placing your exact address on the listing, or the house number in the photos. You can also make sure to leave lighting on in the home in the evenings. Lamp timers are a great asset to add a measure of security. They can be purchased at hardware stores for around $12.00, if you aren’t listing or staging with Jill.

Avoid photographing empty closets, so that it’s not clear if the home is truly vacant. Also important is to keep all sidewalks clear of snow and keep the yard maintained to make it appear occupied if it’s not. This includes collection of mail and yard garbage.

A occupied home should ensure that evidence of what the owner’s do for work is concealed in photos and during showings, such as removal of all diplomas, mail, awards and anything else that would be a giveaway.

Further to that, alarms need to be utilized if you have them and the Agents will follow instructions to arm/disarm them.
If you have high end items such as appliances, television or sound systems, make sure they are registered with a secure identification number and photos as well.  Keep all valuables out of sight in photos to the best of your ability and make sure that all jewelry is in a safe for all viewings.


The best way to guarantee a good first impression is to stage full the entire home and have a professional photography session booked. I offers these services and can answer any questions you may have. 780-218-7444

A cell phone camera is NOT SUFFICIENT to take real estate photos! The first impression and marketing your largest asset depends largely on this.

As well a Professional Staging Consultation will create help you to understand how to create more square footage in your visual presentation. This makes a huge difference in the small MLS photo that a buyer first views.


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