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How Important is storage when selling my house?

Creating Storage

Creating decent storage in your home has more to do with removing items, than it does with packing them up nicely.

So fill up those suitcases, totes and duffel bags and haul it out.

Removing 50% or more of the goods in your home will create more storage space visually and automatically. It will also allow for you to finally add that set of shelves you always wanted and that for sure a buyer would love.

Consider the best use of space under stairs or in garages and add some shelving where it is most beneficial. You can create storage also in closets across the top shelf, by adding another one and making it do double duty.

Adding hooks in laundry or boot rooms, and making the spaces under steps or benches in the garage serve a purpose will also make your home appealing.

Look in magazines for ideas and use your budget as best as you can to create storage that is always a premium for buyers.

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