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Do You Need A Real Estate Agent to Sell?

Selling your Home

Selling your property on your own may seem like it makes financial sense, but it may cost you more. Real Estate Agents are trained to know the ins and outs of the market. Their job is to watch out for issues and protect you. With their network of resources at their fingertips, it only benefits you.

Days On Market (DOM) always fluctuates over the years. Currently as of Sept 2022, it’s now 73.  To make matters worse, the DOM for selling it yourself can be much longer. Exposure through the public REALTOR®.ca  system is KEY to getting you an advantage over the DOM and put you in front of your potential buyer’s eyes. Agents will get more buyers in your home than you can by yourself.


“Let them make us an offer…”

When pricing, every home seller mistakenly thinks they “should try it higher for a while”.  The reason this does not work is that the initial buying activity is in the first 21 days. If your home is priced too high, buyers will view it and compare your home to the others. Invariably you are assisting those properties to sell faster, while yours sits.

“Let them make us an offer… ”

It does not work this way. But if they did write it would most likely be less than what you would take. Plus negotiating with a stranger when your vested interest is to sell can be difficult to do without a buffer of an Agent.  Some buyers will push quite a bit and it can be uncomfortable to deal with directly.


Why am I sharing this with you?

As a licensed real estate agent, with exp Realty, I want to educate my clients. Making the most money possible for you, is my passion!


Pricing for Success

Real Estate Agents are doing their best to correctly price your home but cannot control the economy or market conditions. It is important that you hire an Agent that keeps you updated weekly on the activity to your listing, including views online and also the “in person” showings. Agents can also offer feedback to you from the showings, if they are able to obtain it from the buyer’s Agent. This will give you a window of insight into what people really think of your home and also allow you to be able to adjust pricing or correct issues that may come up frequently.  You will be chasing the market if you are overpriced.

Price competitively and at market value allows you to be in the drivers’ seat from day one. It is VITAL that you stay within your range and watch the market conditions. Stay ahead of the game. When reviewing the comparable sales, there is no room for sentiment, keep in mind this is now a product for sale.


Home Staging will not sell an Overpriced Listing

I hear it a lot. People often think that staging their property will allow the price to be jacked up. This is not true at all and if anyone tells you this, it may be best to keep interviewing. No matter how appealing your home looks, the buyer’s budget and comparable SOLD homes is where a buyer starts at. The sales of comparable homes are the baseline for where they think you should be priced at, especially if they did see those homes and know what condition they were in.

So Price right! Stage it before showings start, and hire a Professional Real Estate Agent that can properly market it for you.


How Do You Find an Agent that Suits You and will be a Good Fit?

Personality and feeling a connection are important aspects to working together, as this is a long term relationship. When you meet with an Agent, consider how you feel around them, as well as whether or not they present the information to you from a clearly educated and thoughtful place. The stats on recently sold property and your active competition are readily available to us all, however someone with a good understanding of how it affects you is key.

The market fluctuates and changes from month to month, so hiring someone that has a strong understanding of this will help. They should also be able to confidently represent themselves, as they will be representing and negotiating for you.

Also consider is the highest bidder on pricing is usually not the best choice for the reasons stated above. Choosing an Agent based on the highest listing price only, could result in a long time on the market with many price reductions. Pricing involves many factors.

My market evaluation will help you see where your home falls in the list, resulting in an informed decision.

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