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Are you paying another mortgage payment for your vacant house? WHY?

Are your showings slowing down? Are you even getting any? Do you wonder where the offers are?

They are on our staged properties, true story.

Let me tell you another story…

A buyer is looking for a new home, they open their phone and search MLS. They scroll through listing after listing looking for the “ONE” that grabs their attention. Everything looks the same and the write ups are the same…”cozy, awesome, newly renovated, quiet area, close to this or that and my favorite…. “well appointed”. The photos are also not impressive, the houses are full of clutter, multiple colors of paint, even laundry on the beds!

Or WORSE, it’s an empty house! One plain box after another…exactly how big is that master Bedroom? No one knows…it’s a mystery!  Then there is the kitchen picture, a refrigerator. Not the room, just the refrigerator. At least we know they have that!

Why would you want to go see these properties as a buyer? What draws you in? Nothing, except the thought that maybe it will be bought at a discount because it isn’t selling.

How does this presentation drive traffic in?  It doesn’t. Plain and Simple.

Let be honest here, unless your price as a Seller is super low it will be hard to sell this property. It is lost in the sea of all the others. There are plenty of fish in this sea.

So the question is are you looking to drop low for a fast sale or do you want to sell for the best price you can get?

The choice is yours!

Of course you can always virtually stage it, after all starting off with deception when asking for offers is smart right? Begin the relationship with tricking the buyer and leave them wondering what else you aren’t truthful about? Virtual Staging backfires as soon as your potential buyer walks through the door.

Sounds like a bad plan to me! Buyers don’t appreciate being tricked….would you?


So what is the solution? 

Don’t put yourself behind the 8 ball, why not start right at the START?

The idea that you can “try it higher” for  awhile or “let’s just list and see what happens” is not going to work out well in most cases. Why start off on the same playing field as every other listing?

Why not be the one that swims AGAINST the stream and gets the attention of the crowd? Why not stage and sell with us, and move on with your plans? Why hold property for longer than necessary?

We have been professionally Staging for 18 years and we get results!

The Average DOM for all property overall in Edmonton fluctuates between 57-59 days….but Our Average Days on Market Stats have been 2-18 days, year after year!

Our Staging is an investment designed to highlight your property’s features.

With the majority of our staging projects selling faster than average, we can assist in helping you get your house SOLD!

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  • RESA’s Home Staging Industry Award 2018 Top Ten Home Staging Team of the Year
  • RESA’s Home Staging Industry Award 2016 Top 10 Home Staging Team of the Year
  • RESA’s Home Staging Award 2015 Top 10 Re-Designer of the Year
  • RESA’s Home Staging Industry Award 2015 Top 10 Home Staging Team of the Year
  • RESA’s Home Staging Industry Award 2013 Top 10 Professional Stager of the Year

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Jill Gargus , CID
Certified Interior Decorator & Licensed Real Estate
Agent in the Province of Alberta

Certified Dewey Color Consultant

Member of the Real Estate Staging Association RESA

Certified Interior Decorator, CID 2012

Accreditated Staging Professional 2003

Certified Canadian Staging Professional 2006

Graduate of the Staging Diva Program 2007

Member of the Realtors Association of Edmonton