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Vacant Staging Packages

What can I expect to pay?  

For 12 years our specialty has been staging vacant homes and we offer a variety of room packages that are designed to work with your budget.

Our flat rate packages include:

*Picking and packing your project
*Delivery / pick up
*28 day rental

We offer packages as small as 3 rooms, up to 10 rooms and also have 2nd month discounted rental options.

We offer a large variety of marketing bonuses in our different levels of packages, and you can choose whatever one you want!

3 Room packages start at $3100.00 and go up from there. They include professional photography and social media marketing, as well as always include all common areas staged.

We would love to price your vacant staging project, please call us at 780-452-4527 and have one of our qualified Stagers stop by!

We offer project planning and contractor management, painting, fixtures updates, facelift renovations, and Staging. 780-452-4527

In addition to updates and proper pricing, Staging a home brings in better offers than not staging it, So clean, repair and stage your home, price it correctly with an Honest and Integrity based Agent, and see results fast. You will be glad you did!