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Staged 2 Stay Services

Love the home you are in


“Staged 2 Stay” Services offer an affordable way to live in a stylish staged home forever, with no monthly rental fees!

It all starts with a consultation $250 + GST

At your in home consultation Jill Turgeon will go over all the areas of your home that you are looking to have re-designed. She will create a budget for you that includes all the cost of the new decor, and also the sourcing & set up time.

You decide how many rooms to do at a time and you decide the budget. It’s that simple. Pick one room and then another later, or splurge and book them all at once, it is up to you.


What do “Staged 2 Stay” services include?


Artwork, lamps, bedding, cushions, towels, decor, plants, vases, trees, area rugs, mirrors, picture frames, and coffee stations.

Jill will style bookshelves, coffee & end tables, nightstands, bathrooms, entryways, kitchens and any area that you are interested in making feel more designed.


Most decorating installs can be done in 1 -2 days, depending on the scope of work. Shopping and sourcing time will vary as well. All estimates of time and cost will be provided at your consultation.