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Focal points and Traffic Flow

Creating Square Footage

When deciding what to emphasize in your rooms, you will need to create the most square footage you can through a decent de-clutter of your home.

Get a second opinion on this from a professional because often over the years we get comfortable in our own surroundings and we think everyone else is too.

We need an objective outside opinion to help us see our home as a product on the market and not our home anymore.

Create square footage by only keeping the furniture pieces that you need while you are for sale, so extra bookshelves, chairs, benches, ottomans, kids toys, dog beds, hutches, recliners etc…all need to be moved out. Make floor space this way, and create a visual of more sq ft.

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In addition to updates and proper pricing, Staging a home brings in better offers than not staging it, So clean, repair and stage your home, price it correctly with an Honest and Integrity based Agent, and see results fast. You will be glad you did!