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Consultation Options

Vacant Property Staging – Winter Special on Now

See the Vacant Staging Section for our Deals


  • BEST VALUE: 3 ROOM Packages ( Living Room, Kitchen/ Dining & Master Bedroom)
  • We have over 15,000 sq. ft. of warehoused goods available and do not outsource, which maintains our quality
  • Staging bookings in just a few days
  • Check out the Color Gallery to see our work



Occupied Property Consulting

“Walk ‘n Talk” Consulting for Occupied Properties

Jill Turgeon will attend your property and discuss a plan to create a series of great first impressions inside the home.

Her aim is to create an atmosphere that a buyer falls in love with. The advice is tailored from a “marketing approach” that will help net you the best sale price.

  • A de-cluttering plan will be discussed for you to implement, with suggestions on what to leave out for staging the home. This is the first KEY step
  • Cleaning and repair items are addressed that will provide the best impact for your money
  • A detailed discussion on everything you can do to stage your own home- it can look like a PRO was there!
  • Direction on what purchases you can make to style the home
  • Discussion on your room & furniture layout for an optimum showing
  • How to create focal points
  • Get “Camera ready” for your MLS photos

Up to 2400 sq. ft.= $350.00

2400 sq. ft. -3500 sq.ft = $450.00

The advice in this consultation is so effective if implemented, it will look like Jill staged your home!

  • Please allow for 2 weeks notice to book this consultation and the time required for your “homework” to be complete, prior to listing your home

Color Consultations $250

Not all neutrals are the same!

Investing in a new paint job is a great WIN for selling your home, but only if the color works with the lighting and fixed elements, otherwise you will have a disaster on your hands!

Jill is a Certified Color Consultant, she can pin point the exact color choice that will be beautiful and will set your home apart, for Staging or for Living.


Decorating for Your Personal Residence $350- 2 hour Initial Consult

Two Options:

Our consultation is designed to analyze your needs room by room and help you create a plan & budget, so you can begin and re-decorate you home. Take our plan and run with it, to build the rooms you havew always wanted!


Hire us, after consulting. We can measure, plan & shop, setting up your rooms to bring the LOVE back for your Home!





Pre - Renovation Consultation $350

A “Simply Irresistible Interiors” Original!

It takes up to two hours and requires that you have all samples you are interested in on sitewe will bring additional paint samples.

It’s designed to help you make the right choices for what to renovate to appeal to the MASS MARKET

  • We SAVE you money on projects that you don’t really need to do.
  • We help FOCUS your money
  • We discuss what finishes to use to create WOW factor
  • Detailed walk through -on site- to hear your ideas, take photos and discuss budget
  • Demographics of buyers will be considered
  • We choose paint colors for you
  • We choose flooring materials, fixtures, baseboards, tile and back splashes – We use our expert eye & take the stress off you
  • Plans are based on the budget and the overall look you want to achieve
  • We can shop for you for any of the items required for an additional fee.



E-Design $200

Live far away and yet love our Gallery? You can send us a plane ticket OR simply book an E-Design Appointment!

A fast and affordable way to get great decorating advice that you can implement easily! We can get you on track!

*hourly billing & you must be able to be at high speed internet access/computer during phone call appointments


Air B & B Decorating

Is your  “Air B & B”  lacking the WOW factor?

Do you struggle to get bookings?

Are you looking at what the TOP DOLLAR nightly rental could be, but not achieving that?


We can fully set up your Air B & B, for one affordable price.

After our initial consultation, we will offer you various options to choose from.

Once hired, we take the keys and implement it all from start to finish. All you do is come back and see the finished product & post your new ads!

Initial Consult is up to 2 hours $250 + GST- refundable upon hiring