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Buyers Create the Picture 

When buyers shop for a new home, they surf the MLS website for hours before ever calling anyone for a viewing appointment.

They make their top 10 list based on a series of small photos of the listings, that hopefully entice them to write down the MLS number because they really like what they see.

If you are trying to sell a vacant home, you make think that this won’t affect you, but that is incorrect. Vacant homes for sale have many obstacles to overcome.

Starting with your “1st showing” in the very small MLS photos, the rooms are never defined and end up looking like a bunch of empty blank boxes. The size and function of the room is lost in the photo. And frankly buyers can’t be bothered to sit there and try to determine which room is which and how big they might be. They will just click on the next listing.

The other obstacle, if you can manage to keep their interest, is that when they arrive for the “in person” 2nd showing, they are left standing in a cold empty house that offers no warmth or invitation to be their new home. A bunch of empty rooms feels institutional and not very welcoming. Consider why Show Homes are always beautifully staged…because builders KNOW it sells more homes.

What is worse than all that is the next obstacle, the hidden flaws of a home that was once loved…the minor nicks and dents here and there, the oddly placed light switch that really sticks out on a wall that has no artwork, the baseboards that aren’t on properly, the weird dip in the floor, the faded paint, the space in the transition between the kitchen floor and living room floor…the list goes on.

These flaws create a sense of work and effort that will make a buyer want to pay less for your home.

The bottom line is:

A buyer creates the picture of living there based on what they see when viewing the home. Your showing will either invoke the desire to create memories and a life, or will seem like work and issues. How you present the home, will direct the outcome, because buyers only know what they see, not how it’s going to be!

Vacant Home Staging will send you on the road to SOLD!

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