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Color and Styles

Color and Styles of staging rental furniture
Choosing staging rental furniture is a daunting task even for the most seasoned professional, so how can you do this on your own and be successful?

First consider that you need a plan in place before you arrive at our Showroom for your appointment to choose items.

Outline the room layout on paper and bring all photos with you, including measurements of walls and doorways to ensure that the items will fit and be able to be delivered.


When planning a staging project, consider first the type of home you are staging what the demographic of the buyer is.  For help with this, ask your Realtor or call us!

The furniture color pallet should be neutral and appeal to the widest audience, so stay away from a bright blue sofa or lime green chairs! Keeping larger scale furniture neutral will allow for the eye to flow well in photos and also during the  “In Person” viewing.

Then you can add a color pop or two, in your accessories and art. This way it still has appeal and yet doesn’t take over the photos.

The style of furniture is largely dependent on the type of property you have, so using traditional furniture in a modern loft condo won’t work.

Try sticking to transitional pieces that work well everywhere, that way you are sure to have a good final product. If you are stuck in making these choices, we can offer you our “In House Staging ” Services on an hourly basis when you rent from our rental division.

We offer project planning and contractor management, painting, fixtures updates, facelift renovations, and Staging. 780-452-4527

In addition to updates and proper pricing, Staging a home brings in better offers than not staging it, So clean, repair and stage your home, price it correctly with an Honest and Integrity based Agent, and see results fast. You will be glad you did!