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Property Staging and the Heart

Connecting the heart of the buyer 

Staging a vacant property has many advantages. While professional home staging is not the only factor in determining if a home is saleable, it sure makes an impact on the buyer and the first impression.

I am going to address the number one reason I believe in this so firmly. It’s really quite simple and yet very powerful.

The Heart of the buyer

Connecting the heart of the buyer to the property is what leads them to making an offer on yours instead of another property.

Let me make my point this way, when a buyer tours a show home or a Lottery Show Home, every person in the tour is commenting on how much they love it, they want that couch, they love that tile, or artwork….they “can totally live here!”

The buyers sit on the couch, they admire the décor and they fall in love with the idea of living there. In fact, their hearts connect to it and they are sold. Either they are buying tickets in hopes of winning (as I do!) or they are buying the house to be their next HOME.

The heart of the buyer is what sells them when other major factors are already in place, like location, style and price. All things being equal in shopping for a home, the home that is staged beautifully and creates a warm ambiance is the one that will get new owners.

Real Estate Re-Designed

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Jill Turgeon

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RESA Award Winning Home Stager

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