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The One Percent Realty Deal

Jill Turgeon is a licensed REALTOR® with One Percent Realty, so if you are in the market for an Agent and haven’t committed to anyone yet, let’s chat!

Just like other real estate companies, at One Percent Realty we sell our services for a fee, also known as a commission.

While our studies showed that people recognize the need for real estate professionals it also showed a prevailing sentiment that the fees commonly charged for these services are too high.

It should be noted that commissions are not set or regulated. Commissions are negotiable. Brokerages are free to charge whatever they like for the services they provide.

Even though fees are not regulated, over time, there has developed a range of fees that is generally considered to be the ‘normal’ commission rate. Examples of common commission rates charged by other full service brokers include: 7% on the 1st $100,000 and 3% on the balance. Or even a straight percentage rate ranging from 4%-6% of the sale price.

As property prices have increased year after year the fees for real estate services have also become higher and higher. This is due to most commission structures being based on a percentage of the sale price. So, the cost for real estate service has increased dramatically but, the level of service has remained the same. No wonder consumers feel the rates are too high. When the price goes up but the product or service stays the same – that is actually a decrease in the value received by the consumer.



The One Percent deal is this:

Jill provides full service real estate for just $7,950 on homes sold under $700,000 and for homes over $700,000 She charges 1% plus $950. The $950 portion covers the typical disbursement costs associated with marketing and selling your home.

Jill Turgeon, or any One Percent Agent will provide all of the same services you would get if you were to go with a higher commission company. The only difference is the amount of commission you will pay.

Jill will help you determine the appropriate listing price, list your home on the MLS® and the popular, enter the listing on, take interior and exterior digital photos, place a for sale sign (if applicable), advertise your property where the Buyers are looking, show your home to prospective Buyers, provide you with Professional Staging advice and all other assistance along the way.

Her goal, like yours, is to sell your home.

Jill Turgeon is a licensed REALTOR® in the Province of Alberta, with One Percent Realty.

The information on this website / page is not intended to solicit listings already under contract to another Broker.

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*Commissions are Negotiable  in the Province of Alberta and not all Brokerages charge the same.*


Please direct your questions about the One Percent Realty Business Model to a One Percent Agent directly.

Feel Free to contact me Jill Turgeon at  780-218-7444 if you would like to know more about how we charge our Flat Fee Commission and still provide Full Service MLS® at a Fraction of the Price.