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Direct the Buyer’s Eyes

During your MLS showings and your  “In Person” ones!

The strength or weakness of your showings depends largely on what the buyers see when they view your home for the first time. 

Considering that ALL showings are now taking place ONLINE first, you need to make absolute sure that your small jpg MLS photo has an impact visually to the buyer, as well as when they walk through the door.

This is assuming that the pictures were attractive enough to bring them for that 2nd showing “In Person”.

Buyers today surf the net first before calling an Agent and they decide which homes they want to see. They go online, type in a price range and location and then go from there.

If your home lands in their category, it is IMPERATIVE that your small photos are fabulous enough to warrant an 2nd showing in person.


Creating a visually appealing photo largely depends on the rooms being clutter free, and well laid out, as well as color coordinated.  Try to keep visual clutter to a minimum and once you have decluttered and rebuilt the layout of furniture, try taking a few test photos to see what pops out at you.

Make sure that the furniture lines are working with the fixed elements such as fireplaces or railings, and use pops of color to accent, not dominate a room. Remove all items that fill up floor space unnecessarily.

You can direct the buyers eyes by placing furniture and art or greenery next to the area you want to highlight, such as in the photo above. We wanted to direct the eye to the amazing windows and the stunning yard, so we placed that cowhide, chair ottoman in such a way as to call out to the buyer “come over here!”.

Directing buyers eyes is all about marketing the assets of your home and showing them how great it would be to live there. Each home has some great asset and when a buyer is only in your home for 4-7 minutes, this can be easily missed unless you take care to point it out.

Remember when you were shopping for a new home? They all started to blend together after a few and unless something really got your attention, it was hard to keep it all straight in your head. Work off this principal when preparing your home.

Stay on the top of the Buyer’s list by directing their  eyes to your property’s assets.

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In addition to updates and proper pricing, Staging a home brings in better offers than not staging it, So clean, repair and stage your home, price it correctly with an Honest and Integrity based Agent, and see results fast. You will be glad you did!