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Occupied Home Staging Tips    

Furniture Placement and Traffic Flow 

Property presentation has so many factors, from the exterior curb appeal to the deepest darkest cabinet in the basement. All areas matter when trying to sell your biggest equity holder.

When planning a room layout for furniture, professional designers go to great lengths to build a plan using drawings and they measure with multiple considerations taken into account.

Although you are not a professional designer, it is important that you follow some basic advice on furniture layout and traffic flow when selling your home.


Consider that when you are having a showing in your home, there may be a few people in attendance. The Realtor, Buyers, their children and perhaps the mother in law!  These people are creating traffic through your home and need to be able to move freely, without issues, in order to feel that the home is spacious and accommodating.

All small furniture pieces, miscellaneous ottomans, silk trees, toy boxes, extra chairs, table leaf’s, boxes, storage bins, dog beds…you name it, it needs to be out of the way.

Create a natural flow of walking traffic through your home starting at the door and working your way through to the rest of the home in the way that it naturally opens up.

Proper home staging directs the traffic through each room and also invites the buyer into each room using specific staging techniques.


When doing your de-clutter process prior to staging, take care to remove all extra items and then asses the room from the doorway, considering the traffic flow and the focal point first.

All the furniture should be planned according to the natural focal point and the where the buyer will be traveling. So if it’s a bedroom, start at the door and make sure that it’s easy to walk to the closet (they always look in the closets!)

Then make sure that the bedroom window is easy to get to, as buyers’ always want to look outside to get a birds eye view of their surroundings.

Furniture layout in bedrooms should be spacious and designed to accommodate the largest bed the room can handle, with side tables and lamps, on both sides if possible.

In living rooms, create conversation areas, and also pull furniture away from the walls a bit, it will actually open the room up. Consider symmetry when working with fireplaces or built in’s so that the eye is not distracted by a off set furniture placement.

In addition to updates and proper pricing, Staging a home brings in better offers than not staging it. So clean, repair and stage your home, price it correctly and see results fast.

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