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Show Homes

Show Home Staging Services

At our appointment we will review the Staging Design needs of the property, as well as your budget.

We can provide you a price for a rental or purchase of all the inventory and set up.


  • Customized furniture and decor plan
  • “Staging Marketing” of your property’s price point
  • Buyer demographics considered
  • Fast Service
  • Fully Insured

We style your Show Home to highlight the gorgeous features it offers

All sourcing, shopping, cost of goods, delivery and Staging Design are included


Our Stats

We have been professionally Staging since 2003.


Our 2018 Stats are 2-18 days on market (average of the Edmonton Area was over 59 days)

Staging is an investment designed to highlight the features of your home to potential buyers

With the majority of our staging projects SELLING FAST, we know what to do to help you get your house SOLD!

Once we’ve reviewed the Staging Design needs of the home, and your budget, we will provide our Show Home Package for the proper marketing of your property’s price point. We ensure that we are hitting the correct target buyers based on what they are looking for in a new build.

We style your show home to highlight its gorgeous features using stylish furniture suited to the price point, which maximizes buyer interest.

All sourcing, shopping, cost of goods, delivery, and staging design are included in one price

Call Now: 780-452-4527

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