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We believe that if you invest in Staging, it should be better than the rest, after all if BETTER is an option, is “good” really good enough?

Simply Irresistible Staging  


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Every “Simply Irresistible” staging includes fabulous pieces of furniture and decor items designed to accent your property. We stage with layers, color, texture and customized designer choices.

  • Custom packages created to accent your property features
  • Edmonton Based Designers ( see our profiles on the Meet the Team page)
  • Professional Photos Optional – They include Facebook advertising to add to the marketing of the property
  • 4 & 8 week rental options
  • Delivery/ Pick up included
  • Wow Factor Staging- We go “Beyond the Basic”
  • 15,000 SQ FT of  our own new inventory to design the RIGHT look
  • 5-7 days booking time
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View examples of our  “Simply Irresistible” Staging on our website and Check out our Facebook Page  

We give you a final product that you can be thrilled to LIST,  EVERY TIME
Our YouTube Channel features past projects


Are you looking for a Real Estate Agent that works with us and is great at what they do?  We have a few preferred Agents that we work with and can refer you to a great one that fits you! Every year we Refer out GREAT AGENTS that our clients LOVE working with! *


*Jill Turgeon is a Licensed Agent in the Province of Alberta, under Logic Realty. Any referrals to Agents are not intended to solicit properties/ clients already under contract.
** Pick up and Delivery Fees are included in the Edmonton City Limits, additional fees may apply to the areas outside of Edmonton and for larger packages. Please call for a quote.


Get a Competitive Advantage 


Affordable.  Professional.  Effective.

Check out our Video On Preparing your Home for Selling – On the Consultation and Quote Page!

Staging and Listing in the Winter is actually the ideal time to sell. There are less homes to compete with and this results in the best sale price for your house compared to competing with more inventory in the spring.  It is a Seller’s market in the Winter.

And even if it’s Winter, a serious buyer will still trudge through snow to buy a house because they have to.  “Tire kickers” typically come out in the Spring, so you have less time wasted on those who aren’t really interested when you “stage and sell” in the Winter.

Consider Staging with us and Listing it now, so you can escape the upcoming buyer’s market in the Spring! If you are looking for a great Agent, we can also refer you someone!

* not intended to solicit property already under contract to an Agent.


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Vacant Property Staging Packages 

Apples to Oranges?

When searching for a Professional Staging Company ask 12 KEY Questions

  1. Do you own your own goods or source them from a third party?
  2. What is the condition of your furniture?
  3. How many years have you been in business full time staging?
  4. What are your Staging to Selling Statistics?
  5. Do you know the average number of days on market for your stagings?
  6. Do you work with a professional photographer?
  7. Do you include extra marketing for us to expand our reach to buyers?
  8. Have you been professionally trained in color theory?
  9. Do you have a business licence?
  10. Do you have insurance?
  11. Do you have a proper legal contract?
  12. How many vacant homes do you stage per year?

Our Stats

We have paved the way in Edmonton, Staging homes professionally since 2003 and WE GET RESULTS!

Our 2018 Stats are on average 2-18 DAYS on market

Staging is an investment designed to save you money in the long run and even make you money when you sell for a higher price.

In a down market, you can stand out from the other homes and be SOLD quicker.

In a fast market, why not stage and reach for Multiple Offers?

Our highest Multiple Offer Staging sold for $120,000 OVER ASKING PRICE

With the majority of our staging projects SELLING FASTER, we know what to do to get your house SOLD!

Value in Staging- "Why risk your biggest asset?"

  • We create “WOW FACTOR”
  • Your Choice of Room Packages to fit any budget
  • All Labor for Vacant Home Staging -completed in One Day
  • We offer Home Staging Services within 5-7 business days of Booking We Deliver FAST Results
  • All De-Staging Labor when you are SOLD! No extra fees
  • Clean up service after we Stage and De-Stage your property, no mess left behind!
  • Projects are ready for showings when we complete
  • We show up rain, snow or shine!
  • No mark ups of Furniture or Accessories Packages- we have it here, so our prices are GREAT!
  • Scheduling of the Home Staging Team, Delivery and Filming Companies- One Stop Shop
  • A Non -Smoking Team on your property – safer for your home
  • All labor and mileage for Staging and De- Staging Day included
  • Intake and placement of items at the property upon delivery  – we do it all
  • Protection Furniture Felts and other related products required to Stage- extra care given to your home
  • Ironing of all bedding on site – no wrinkled fabric here
  • Detailed Room and Lighting Preparation for Photo Session
  • Professional photography optional for each room emailed to your Agent for marketing on
  • A Realtor Referral Service to connect you with the best Agent for your area and home
  • Invoicing, administration, email reminders
  • Great furniture and accessory rental options
  • We have Certification in Staging, Interior Decorating and Color Consulting
  • Fully Insured

Additional Services:

  • Interior painting
  • Electricians
  • Flooring
  • Professional Photography
  • Video Tours

Why Hire Us?

  • We install the latest trends for your property
  • Seamless Procedure for Home Staging designed to take the pressure off of you
  • Excellent customer service
  • 15 years of experience in Home Staging
  • Multiple Top 10 Staging Awards, 2013, 2015, 2015, 2016, 2018
  • This promises to place your home on a Buyer’s list by setting it apart from other property, even other STAGED ones.
  • See why we are the #1 Choice for Home Staging, in our Photo Gallery.


SPEEDY STAGING! 10 hours of footage in 5 minutes!


We have our own 15,000 sq ft worth of Staging Inventory and the largest selection of staging products in Edmonton. We do not out source products so we can maintain the quality and condition of our goods.


The Anatomy of a Staging Fee

Pricing is determined by:

  • 2-3 hours to attend the property for the first time and measure and photograph all spaces that are being staged
  • 12-20 hours for planning of the spaces we are staging at our warehouse, using goods available or allocating them from projects that are returning back to the building after being sold. We build the entire package here first to ensure it is correct and looks GREAT
  • 1-2 hours for packing up to deliver
  • Delivery 2-3 hours on Staging day
  • 3-7 hours for Staging day- in the property
  • 2 hours for Pro Photos (optional)
  • 5-8 hours for De- Staging day when we pick up and re-inventory the goods
  • 27-45 hours total

This process also includes a variety of administrative tasks and invoicing, scheduling and management of staff and contractors.

Pricing for delivery of the furniture is based on location and travel time


Home Staging alone is less than your FIRST PRICE REDUCTION.  How many price reductions are you willing to have?

We will price your job exactly so there are no surprises. You make the final choice as to what gets done.

Should you Renovate?

Painting, flooring and minor Reno are optional, and often a great choice when competing with other homes that have done updates.

As a Home Owner your participation is also welcome to help keep costs down. We offer a wide range of options that will help to accomplish the goal without breaking the bank and are respectful of your needs as well.

We are in this for one reason, that is to help you be successful at selling your property! 

The investment you sow, will reap you benefits when you can sell faster than your competitors and acquire the most equity out of your property.


780 – 452 – 4527 or email to 

Option to Purchase your Staging Package

All furniture and accessory packages may be purchased instead of rented.

Whether you buy a package from us or the buyer does, the home will be already designed, color coordinated and professionally set up.

Each package price is based on the inventory in that project and can be priced once the project is complete

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