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Natural Lighting   

Written by Jill Gargus, CID

The demand for Natural lighting in homes is on the rise when buyers are searching for a home. As a society we are overwhelmed with florescent lighting at our workplaces and now with the forced removal of incandescent light bulbs it is going to become even more important. Many people do not realize the hazards of CFL’s to their health and wellbeing, but I will save that for another newsletter!

When buyers are searching for the perfect home, one of the top things they are looking for is natural lighting. No one wants to buy a dark dreary home. Natural lighting occurs through large clean windows and the direction they face. Homes that face South/North are less sought after than those that face East /West. This is due to the fact that if it’s north facing on half the home, they half the home is in darkness or grayness all day as it never gets sun exposure. Add to this cold dark Canadian winters and you have a dreary home by default.

East/ West exposures benefit from sunrises and sunsets and usually have some yard in the sunshine depending on the lay of the land.  It makes for great breakfasts in a sunny kitchen and nightcaps or bbq’s in the backyard facing west.

While you may not be able to turn your home around or relocate, there are things you can do to help add natural lighting to your home. First remove all overgrown shrubbery from blocking your windows, and remove outbuildings that also block. You can consider cutting back a large tree that is impeding light also.

You can also ensure better lighting by keeping the windows and screens free of dirt and cobwebs. Regularly washing windows goes a long way.

Awnings are a major offender in blocking light and unless you are actually trying to do that, then take them down.

The interior of the darker rooms can be lightened up as well and in upcoming newsletters that is the topic. To start though, remove heavy furniture and drapes from windows and install lighter weight sheers to allow the best light transfer.
Adding a skylight if funds allow is a great way to bring in light and that can be a great asset when you go to sell, as long as it is professionally installed. Staircases and north facing rooms benefit from this feature.

Another popular choice is to have solar tubes installed. They are an aluminum product that is tube shaped and installed in a small hole in your roof. The tube is bent through your rafters, bouncing natural light in to the room you choose via a small flat round window that is installed in your ceiling. It creates a mini skylight at an affordable cost. Solar tubes eliminate the need for lighting during the day, especially in closets and hallways, which saves on electricity bills as well.
Adding value through some small investments can really boost your marketability when it’s time to sell. And if you plan ahead you can enjoy these features for a while too! For information on staging and pre- renovation consultations call Simply Irresistible Interiors at 780-452-4527