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Exposure and Color   

Written by Jill Gargus, CID

The direction and exposure of your home contributes a lot to the perceived color that your painted walls end up looking like. The color that you bought at the store may look drastically different than what you had hoped for.

It is never advisable to just stand in the paint department and choose a color because it looks good there. It will not look good in your home, guaranteed.

As we already discussed, artificial and natural lighting affect color drastically, as does the exposure of the rooms. If your room is facing North for example it will cause a grayed dull look to a room and it will appear to be cooler and darker. So choosing a paint color that lightens this room will be a better choice than a darker color. That being said, the paint color in North facing rooms will always looks darker here compared to other rooms in the house. So don’t fret they didn’t screw up the can at the store!

If you have South facing rooms then the exposure is sunny and adds a yellow – white cast to the room, causing everything to be brighter and more cheerful. A paint color can stand to be a tad darker here, however keep in mind that staying neutral is still advisable as the buyers are more receptive to colors that are livable until such time that they want to change them.

In West facing rooms the exposure adds an orange cast into the room and this does affect the wall color quite a bit. You can take the same paint chip and move through your whole home and think that you are losing your mind because you cannot believe how different it looks in each room. Painting a west facing room needs to be carefully chosen so that it works well with the  exposure and other fixed elements.

East facing rooms add a green cast to the room and also change the appearance of the color. Considering these factors when choosing a color for your home is the key to painting success.

When you are ready to sell, and getting your prep done, consider having one of our Certified Color Consultants over to choose the right color for you. Yes it can be just one color, but it has to be thoughtfully chosen. In future newsletters I will discuss the importance of working paint together with fixed elements. Happy Staging!