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Glenda Godard

Glenda Godard


After many years in the Financial Industry, Glenda Godard found her passion with a Career in Home Staging. Multiple corporate moves caused her to prepare her homes fast for sale and when she stumbled upon the concept of Home Staging she gave it a try! Much to her surprise it worked so well, that she learned how to stage her properties, resulting in more viewings, quick sales and higher selling prices.  She was sold. And just like that turned her life in a new direction with Staging, graduating from the Home Staging Diva Program and opening her staging business.

She is currently expanding her education to even further support Sellers by working on her Diploma with the Design Institute. Specializing in Consultations, as well as Vacant and Occupied Staging, she can help you get your home sold fast.

Highlights of her portfolio can be seen below.

She can be reached at 780-452-4527 or 780-271- 3406