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Archives > January 2016

Fight for The Sale

The winner takes it all!

Home Sellers are doing more to offer a fabulous “product” to the buyers. They are fighting for the sale, with upgrades, painting and staging.

Many sellers have had the hard lesson that just cleaning, minor repairs and what I call “home owner staging” is NOT enough.

We have had so many clients this past year that still sat for months on the market despite their efforts to stage it themselves.

In regards to vacant properties, as that is our field of expertise, home owner staging is just that. The seller leaves some “things” behind and thinks they have staged the home. They haven’t, they simply left some furniture. It sends the message that they either can’t afford staging or they left in distress, as most sellers do not have the “touch” to create a room that draws the buyers in.
We understand the thought process, they think that leaving some furniture will give indication of the room sizes on

Well it will, but that doesn’t really matter when you are trying to convince a buyer that your home ROCKS in a small photo.

It needs to have STYLE and COLOR and an Updated Look.

It needs to scream ” HEY, I am the BEST HOUSE in your PRICE RANGE!”
This past year some smart sellers have taken this message all the way to the bank…they upgraded things like flooring, lighting, interior doors, paint, faucets and appliances, then Staged it with us and SOLD!

Well what about everyone else? They are still for sale, gave up the fight or took a way lower price.

The best part of this is that Knowledge is Power and you can decide the budget for your upgrades, you decide the timeline you have to work with, and you decide to not be a victim of a struggling market…..

It’s your Choice!

Change your mind about how real estate used to be sold and see how it IS being sold now.

Isn’t the power to choose your future a great thing?????