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Home Staging Aids Homeowners Facing Foreclosure

Foreclosure is an unpleasant topic, but one that some of us will have to deal with.

According to home staging expert Debra Gould, the key to avoiding foreclosure is to be proactive. “If you know that you will have difficulty making your mortgage payments in the near future, contact your lender immediately,” Gould states. “Explain your situation politely and clearly, and ask if you can negotiate a modified mortgage payment plan. Don’t be embarrassed to take this important step. Lenders are much more likely to work with you if you have contacted them before the foreclosure process has begun.”

Many people facing the prospect of foreclosure will decide that the best solution is to sell their houses. If this is the only viable option for you, then you have a particularly strong incentive to sell your home as quickly as possible and for the best possible price.

This means hiring the best agent for your area. Your agent should have an intimate knowledge of your neighborhood, be able to identify comparable home sales and make this information available to you. Additionally, he or she should disclose the current market conditions and have extensive networking abilities as well as solid negotiation skills.

If you have decided that selling your home is your best option, you will need to prep your home for showings. Hiring a professional home stager is the single best way to outshine your competition. It might seem counterintuitive to hire a professional stager when you’ve tightened your budget and are facing the sale of your home to avoid foreclosure; however, it has been proven time and time again that staged homes sell faster and for a higher price than homes that are sold “as is.”

The real estate market continues to see a great number of homes going on the market, and your home needs to stand out among the rest. You want your home to be the one that people fall in love with the moment they enter.

When hiring a home stager, remember that home staging is not a regulated field. Anyone can claim to be accredited or certified, and many present portfolios of their work that they bought as part of a course. When hiring a home stager, ask questions about any before and after photos you are shown, look for a demonstrated understanding of the local real estate market and don’t make a decision based solely on price. You often get what you pay for, and in a serious situation like the sale of your home, you need the very best professional advice available. Hiring the right real estate stager can mean extra dollars in your pocket when selling your home.

When you are facing foreclosure and must sell your home quickly, pricing your home correctly and marketing it effectively are not always enough to get a quick sale in this market. You must go above and beyond other homes for sale in your neighborhood to catch the eye of potential buyers. By using the services of a professional home stager, your house is much more likely to be one that sells.” The Staging Diva

Source: Debra Gould – The Staging Diva, Toronto Ontario

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Jill Turgeon REALTOR exp Realty & RESA Award Winning Home Stager

Owner of Simply Irresistible Interiors


Jill Turgeon makes Top 10 Finalist in RESA’s Professional Stager of the Year 2013

RESA is the Real Estate Staging Association and they support and encourage Stagers across North America, providing educational forums, contests, ethic and conduct monitoring as well as fun stuff like contests, which I decided to enter.

Home Stagers across Canada and the USA, all voted for their peers in the first round of voting. Contest entries were submitted and votes were based on a one to ten scale. I spent over 3 hours voting for hundreds of my peers, reviewing their before and after photos without knowing whose pictures they were. All company names and watermarks were removed off all submitted photos and judging was based on finished rooms, overall first impression, use of scale, color and wow factor transformations. The talent was strong and the pictures were all really good, it was a tough competition honestly!

After all voting was in, I made it to the TOP 10 in Canada of Professional Stagers and I am so honored and excited! There were multiple categories as well, and so many inspiring stories.

And now it’s off to second rounds of voting for the all finalists and the winning title! It is an honor to be nominated among so many other qualified professionals.

For all finalist details and photos…it’s exciting! Check it out!

Jill Turgeon (nee Gargus)

REALTOR at exp Realty & RESA Award Winning Home Stager

  • RESA’s Home Staging Industry Award 2018 Top Ten Home Staging Team of the Year
  • RESA’s Home Staging Industry Award 2016 Top 10 Home Staging Team of the Year
  • RESA’s Home Staging Award 2015 Top 10 Re-Designer of the Year
  • RESA’s Home Staging Industry Award 2015 Top 10 Home Staging Team of the Year
  • RESA’s Home Staging Industry Award 2013 Top 10 Professional Stager of the Year

Selling your home during Christmas   

While Christmas is not an ideal time to list your home, it is sometimes the only thing that you can do. So how do you have a happy holiday and still not overwhelm buyers with all your stockings and decorations?

The key is to keep it very simple. While decorations are festive, there are buyers that do not celebrate this holiday and may be put off by the decorations. If it were me, I would skip decorating altogether while trying to sell, however I realize that is not always an option especially if you have children.

Try to keep in mind that you are still having showings and if a buyer is trampling through the snow then you know they are serious. Selling real estate in the winter is serious business.

Keep the tree set up to only one, maybe a smaller size than the one you would normally use. Leave all the windows clear of decorations and skip the Mistletoe altogether! No need to make it awkward for the Agent and a Buyer!

It is also not advisable to nail stockings to the fireplace mantle. This causes damage and the buyers will not appreciate that. Keep lights to a minimum and don’t even think about using fake snow on anything- no exceptions! As well, keep scents to a minimum. A light cinnamon scent is welcoming, or apple but it must be mild. Many people suffer from Asthma and so to aggravate this would be unpleasant.

Your property is your biggest asset and it is being marketed for sale, so treat it like a product on the market and keep it clean, clutter free and mildly festive. That way the buyers aren’t overwhelmed or distracted by the decorations and the kids can still have Christmas. There is a happy medium, if you continue to think like a property marketer.

Following this advice, can result in an offer during the holidays because people are always moving and buying homes regardless of the time of year. Let’s get your home sold so next year you can be in your new home and decorate it up to your hearts’ content!

Jill Turgeon

REALTOR exp Realty

RESA Award Winning Home Stager

Owner Simply Irresistible Interiors