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Mistakes Sellers Make – Part Three 

Being Home for Showings 

Sellers often make this mistake without realizing how much they are damaging their chances of selling the home.

When a seller hangs around for a showing, the buyer immediately feels rushed. They don’t want to impose on the Sellers. This prevents them from being able to take a good look at the home and form an educated opinion on what it has to offer.

It is also hard to picture themselves living there when they see who actually lives there!

The buyer will be too concerned about saying nice things, and also preoccupied with where the seller is lurking around – possibly listening to the conversations.

This greatly hinders their ability to be free in the conversation with their Agent and it makes getting honest feedback more difficult because now that they met you, they aren’t as willing to be forthcoming with the truth and run the risk of offending you.

This leaves the Seller in the dark about what they actually really thought about the house and hurts their ability to make adjustments that could have been pointed out. It also leaves the Agent in the dark about what the buyers were really thinking while they were in the house. They could have addressed things and possibly come up with solutions or answers that may have helped sell the house.

A seller staying home for the showings is uncomfortable and causes huge roadblocks to getting an offer.

This also applies to having your pets in the home during showings. Pets can be distracting, aggressive, yappy or destructive when strangers enter the house and that can create a chaos that also greatly affects the buyer’s ability to look at your home properly.

Buyers will not enter and enjoy a showing with a yappy dog barking non-stop while they are there. They need to feel the ambiance of living there and your pooch isn’t it. Plus, not everyone likes animals and this could be a real turn off.

So pack up FIDO and go get a coffee. It will be worth it in the end!

In addition to leaving for showings,  Staging a home brings in better offers than not staging it.

So before you are listing, let’s book a 15 minute strategy call to see if my Staging Marketing services are a good fit when I list your home.

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Jill Turgeon

Real Estate Agent and Professional Home Stager

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*not intended to solicit listings already under contract

Mistakes Sellers Make – Part Two

Leaving Money on the Table  

When Listing your home, are you leaving money on the table? Do you know where you are losing equity that should be kept?

Factors that leave money on the table are undone repairs, decorated “personal choice” paint colors, outdated flooring and fixtures, or unappealing curb appeal that needs work.

When you were a buyer…

Do you remember how you approached other people’s outdated homes or ones that were in disrepair? You walked away, unless you got a SUPER low price.

So now that the tables have turned, the buyers are using their critical eye to determine if they agree with the price based on the amount of work they feel your home requires making it move in ready.

The buyer will also deduct a higher price than it actually would cost to do these repairs or updates. They do this because of the unknown factor and also the stress and time it will take to fix your homes issues.  You basically will pay them for their time and labor to do something that you could have done, or contracted and controlled the costs on. So, you leave money on the table.

By doing your own updates and controlling costs through management of your contractors, you can KEEP money in your pocket. Your costs to update or paint will be far less when you are in control. This will initially be an expense but in the long run your asking price will be at market value and  your price will not likely be reduced, plus the carrying costs will be much less due to having a move in ready sale able home.

Don’t leave money on the table!

Keep in mind that as a home owner you should be investing 1-3% of your market value every year to do updates on the home. This will ensure that when you go to sell, you are more likely able to list for market value and not have to do major updates to become a GOOD listing.

Today’s buyers are way too educated to pay market value for a house that needs $10,000 or $60,000 or more worth of work. Gone are the days when a buyer bought a house and saved up to fix it over the years. Today people want what they see on TV and they will get it. It’s either going to be your house, or your competitors. You can decide.

In addition to updates and proper pricing, Staging a home brings in better offers than not staging it, So make a plan for cleaning, repairs and then stage your home, price it correctly, to have success!


I have a list of contractors and have managed them for 20 years in my staging business. I do offer project planning and contractor management, painting, fixtures updates, facelift renovations, and Staging in all my listings. Some conditions apply and services are billable, with some exceptions.

Let’s book a 15 minute strategy call to see if our services can help you in the selling process

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Jill Turgeon

Real Estate Agent and Professional Home Stager

eXp Realty

RESA Award Winning Home Stager

*not intended to solicit listings already under contract

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